Welcome to the KIP Account Inquiry and Payment Website

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By clicking on “Account Inquiry” above to the right, you can:

Check on the status of your KIP account, including the balance and next payment due date. Information on any payment received will be updated by noon of the next business day.

If allowed, you may make a payment using a checking account held at any U.S. Bank.

Please Note

The account status information KIP provides only reports the status of the KIP premium finance account. The insurance policy may be expired, cancelled or pending cancellation and only the insurance carrier or its agent can provide accurate information about the status of any insurance policy. Your insurance broker representing you is shown with phone number, with your KIP account information.

This website CANNOT accept any messages or requests for service on your KIP account or your insurance policy(ies).

We take your privacy and security seriously!

We do NOT store any of your checking account information on this website, so NOBODY could possibly steal it. Your account inquiry information is not accessible to anyone who does not have all three of these items: your KIP account number, the last four digits of your insurance policy number and the mailing ZIP code for your KIP account.